If you have ever considered changing your Front door to improve the look of your home, then you know the options are nearly overwhelming. Looking at colours, front door designs, front door material, locking systems, glass types, transoms, sidelights, the list goes on.

Here are some helpful tips to consider when evaluating your options:

Tip 1: Know WHY you are buying a Front Door

If you are preparing the property for sale and are looking to upgrade the Front Door for maximum curb appeal (great ROI on this BTW), then you should consult your real estate agent or interior designers to understand what front door designs are catching the most attention in your region. Even if you do not like the colour or design of the front door, it will not matter…..you are not going to come home to it every day, so go with the front door that will give you the best chance to sell your house at a premium.

If you are looking to upgrade your front door because it is leaking or you are sick of the ugly faded lime green colour, then spend some time looking at various styles of doors that you think might look good for your home in particular. Leave the sizing, material, colour, etc. aside for the moment and simply focus on what you want. This is going to be your front door until you move homes, so you better love it.

Tip 2: Consider your budget

As the options are endless, so too are the costs associated with purchasing a front door. As you have likely poured over hundreds of pictures of front doors to get to your dream door, you will now embark on a pricing journey with local dealers. Everyone’s financial situation is different; therefore, come up with a budget # that you can live with keeping in mind, the more custom you go, the more costly the project will be. In the world of front doors, you can range from $1,000 to $100,000 so keep your expectations in line with a budget and you will be fine.

Tip 3 How much maintenance are you willing to do?

I know, most people think maintenance plans are for cars, but depending on the material you choose for your front doors, this could become an issue.

In today’s market there are 3 main types of front doors:

1) Steel Front Doors: Steel Front Doors are by far the most common. They do not warp, they insulate well and, come in a broad array of colour that, depending on the supplier, will not fade drastically over time. While Steel front doors come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes alongside an ever wider variety of glass inserts that can be added, they cannot be truly custom designed to your dreams.

2) Fiberglass Front Doors: Fiberglass Front Doors are becoming more common as they offer a woodgrain finish to a similar selection of styles as steel front doors. Fiberglass front doors are also considerably heavier than steel front doors which some people perceive as more durable (not the case). Fiberglass front doors do have a drawback in that they do fade and crack over time depending on their exposure to the elements. While they are trendy right now, ask your dealer about specific warranties for this type of front door.

3) Wooden Front Doors: Lastly, the good ole Wooden Front Door. Great insulating material, beautiful stain and paint options as well as multiple types of wood to choose from, make a Wooden Front Door a stunning addition to your home. Further, Wooden Front Doors can be fully customized to meet your dream designs. Of the three options for front doors, Wooden front doors are by far the most expensive and for good reason. Built right, they are over 2″ thick and quite heavy which means heavy duty hardware and, in some cases, architectural drawings for support in your frames. These heavy duty beauties do come with some hiccups though. Much like wooden windows, they will need to be maintained in order for them to look their best and last (which they will with simple maintenance). Moreover, built incorrectly, wooden front doors have a tendency to warp and bow so if you are looking at wood for your front door choice, stay away from the low price options as they will most certainly cost you the most.

Tip 4 Take your time!

These front doors will be the face of your home for years to come, so slow down and take your time. Do not be persuaded into making any decisions based on “end of the month” promotions or one time take it or leave it pricing. Leave it! There are numerous suppliers of front doors and you should choose the one that feels right.