Picture Windows

Replacement picture windows are a popular choice for homeowners because of their high glass-to-frame ratio, which lets in large amounts of natural light. Because they are stationary, these types of windows are also highly energy efficient.

What are Picture Windows?

Picture windows are fixed window panes, meaning they don’t open and close. They typically don’t have glazing bars, so you’ll have an unobstructed view of the area around your home. In fact, that’s where the name comes from — the window acts as a picture frame for your outdoor scenery.

Because picture windows are so large and don’t have any bars, they also provide natural light to brighten up the room. You may find your home uses less electricity because you don’t need to turn on so many lights.

Picture windows are the most efficient type of window because they don’t move. This means the seal around the window is tight and inflexible, preventing outside drafts and dampness from entering your home.

Picture windows are an excellent choice for locations where you don’t necessarily want an operational window, but still want to see outside. Homeowners often pair a large replacement picture window with two casement or awning windows on either side. That combination enables you to enjoy ventilation, while also maximizing views. You have more options for deciding on the exact shape and size of a picture window because there are no mechanical parts to worry about.

Why choose Picture Windows?

When you’re thinking about upgrading your windows, replacement picture windows are a good choice for the following reasons:

  • Stunning views of the area outside your home
  • Extremely energy efficient because they don’t open or close, helping you save money on utilities
  • Increased natural light in your home, reducing the electricity you use and brightening drab spaces
  • Longer lasting because there are fewer moving parts that can become damaged over time
  • Can be combined with other windows for a customized appearance and maximum functionality

Visually, replacement picture windows immediately brighten up any room and offer a sense of airiness that meshes well with the modern aesthetic.

Where should you put a replacement Picture Window?

Replacement picture windows are an excellent option in rooms where a homeowner wants to highlight the view, like overlooking the backyard or landscape. They particularly pair well with high ceilings because they offer a view of the sky.

The family room or living room are great locations for a picture window, so everyone can enjoy the view while they are relaxing. They also look good in master bedrooms or dining rooms that have a commanding view of the surroundings.

Choose Picture replacement Windows from Wellington

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