Specialty Windows

If you can’t find the exact type of window you’re looking for, you may be interested in replacement specialty windows. These provide unique features that will revitalize and refresh any home.

What are Specialty Windows?

Specialty windows refer to any type of window that’s not standard. Typical window options include casement windows, awning windows, picture windows, slider windows, and hung windows. These usually come in predetermined sizes and shapes.

Specialty windows are customized to the size and shape of your specific home. Most regular windows are rectangular, but specialty windows can be octagonal, arched, elliptical, round, oval, or triangular, among other shapes. This makes them ideal for adding unique flair and a personal touch to any room. You can play with angles, arches, curves, and sash bars for a look that makes your home your own.

Depending on the style you choose, many can even function as operating windows to provide you with fresh air and circulation. You can decide how the replacement specialty windows will open. Some homeowners like windows that swing in if there isn’t enough room for the window to open outside the home. Others like a tilting window, which is ideal for venting without fully opening the sash.

Why choose Specialty Windows?

There are several reasons to choose replacement specialty windows in your home:

  • Differentiating your home from others on the market, especially if you live in a housing complex where every home looks the same
  • Providing the functionality you need in a space, such as improved ventilation, more natural light, or unobstructed views of the exterior landscape
  • Helping you make odd-shaped window spaces more energy-efficient, especially if you previously had an older window in place
  • Livening up any area of the home that needs a fresh look

Where should you put a replacement Specialty Window?

The location of a replacement specialty window all depends on the layout of your house. They can be added as a centerpiece in a dining or living room to show off to guests. Or install them in your kitchen area or patio room to benefit from a light-filled space. They can look great as an accent, above or beside doors. Many people also love specialty bay or bow windows in reading rooms or lounge areas, where the exterior walls meet or bulge outward.

Combining your replacement specialty windows with other traditional windows can be an excellent idea. The possibilities are endless, making the design process so much fun.

Choose Specialty replacement Windows from Wellington

Whether you’re looking to put your house on the market or create your forever home, specialty windows can be a difference-maker. They’ll create a unique space that drastically increases the value of your home, while also personalizing it to your specific tastes. When shopping for replacement specialty windows, consider Wellington Windows and Doors for your needs. We’ll help you find just what you need to put that unique spin on your humble abode.