About Us

John Geraghty has always valued determination and detail. As the proud son of an Irish immigrant, Geraghty knew those characteristics were critical when he prepared to launch Wellington Windows and Doors in February 2020. Weeks later, the world would change – and the Campbellville, Ontario resident relied on his personal and professional roots to help his new business take off.

“The original vision for the company was a boutique, an experience with higher quality windows, installs, and customer service,” Geraghty says. “That commitment to the highest quality is certainly harder to achieve but provides a better customer experience.”

Geraghty had the pieces in place to make Wellington Windows and Doors a success. He began his career in sales with Xerox in the pressure cooker of downtown Toronto, before moving to Purolator where he was tasked with improving logistics and ultimately handling major accounts like Walmart and Canadian TIre.

As Geraghty’s responsibility grew, so did his desire to improve his skills and himself. He made the decision to do an MBA at the Richard Ivey School of Business, an experience that would bring his business acumen to a new level. During his subsequent tenure at a marketing company in the direct mail space, Geraghty worked with numerous window businesses. They took notice when he helped grow the marketing company from revenues of $29-million to $50-million over the course of a 3 years.

“I was drawn into the windows industry,” says Geraghty, who found a passion not just for the business but also the ability to change the lives of homeowners. “I had the vision for my own company.”

While the timing of Wellington Windows and Doors’ launch was challenging, Geraghty and his list of dedicated personnel have thrived despite the challenges of the pandemic, like limited access and supply chain issues.

“My background in organizational structure and behaviour, and marketing execution has enabled the company to be very nimble,” says Geraghty. “We spent a lot less than our competitors and got better results. One of the reasons for that is our experience with marketing channels.

“We also use high-quality glass that insulates better over the long run. From a sustainability standpoint, we provide the right solutions to increase energy efficiency inside the homes of our clients.”

The ability to help people improve the look, function, and safety of their residences is especially important to Geraghty, who values family life as a husband and father of two young children.

While facing numerous obstacles in the business world, Wellington Windows and Doors has become a recognizable and trustworthy brand in the home improvement space. Geraghty has prioritized offering quality products and service, with a commitment to community responsibility. The response from a long list of happy clients suggests it was always the right move.