Single or Double Slider Windows

Slider windows offer the convenience of letting the breeze in quickly without any hassle. They come in two variants — single slider and double slider — to meet the needs of your space.

What are Single Slider and Double Slider Windows?

Slider windows have a stationary sash along with a moveable sash that slides open to the left or right, allowing air to flow into your home. So what’s the difference between a single slider and a double slider? In single slider windows, there is just one sash that slides out. A double slider window features two moveable sashes, so you can get airflow from both sides of the window.

With today’s modern replacement slider windows, it’s incredibly easy to open the window to ventilate your home. They are fitted with low-friction rolling sliders that move without much pressure, making them easy to use in tight or hard-to-reach spaces.

Single slider windows only require one bar down the middle of the window to hold both sashes in place, while double slider windows have two. Either way, you’ll find you can enjoy clear and nearly unobstructed views, with plenty of natural light.

Why choose Single Slider or Double Slider Windows?

When deciding between replacement single slider windows and replacement double slider windows, the choice can be a tricky one. Both have a number of common benefits, including:

  • Ease opening the window in tight or hard-to-reach spaces
  • One bar in the middle of the window provides a clear view outside
  • Pairs well with picture windows for a unique combination of ventilation and natural light

Single sliders have the additional benefit of having only one bar in the window, improving your view of the outside. However, double sliders do allow for more air ventilation since both sides open, making them good for spaces that require better airflow.

Where should you put a replacement slider window?

Because replacement slider windows can help maximize ventilation, they’re recommended for rooms with only one window, like bathrooms, laundry rooms, or small bedrooms. You can open the window as wide as you need to freshen up the space. You should also consider a replacement slider window in frames that are wider than they are tall, to allow for more ventilation.

Many homeowners put in replacement double slider windows when they’re replacing picture windows. Or, if you want to keep a small picture window in the centre of the frame, consider two smaller replacement single slider windows on either side of the picture window.

Both single slider and double slider windows provide a more contemporary look, complementing homes with less of a sleek, modern vibe.

Choose Slider replacement Windows from Wellington

Deciding between replacement single slider or replacement double slider windows is tough, but the staff at Wellington Windows and Doors can help you make the perfect decision for your space. Whichever option you go with, you’ll benefit from improved airflow, easier access, and improved outside views.