Corporate Social Responsibility

Having been born in a small town in Ontario,” says Geraghty, who grew up surrounded by a forest in Wellesley. “I have always had an interest in reforestation. My family had 5 acres of farmland that we fully reforested when I was young and seeing how filled in they are now encourages me to do more. We understand that we are not a carbon neutral company; however, we are giving back to the environment as much as we can.

The Wellington and Tree Canada Partnership

At Wellington Windows and Doors, we embrace the responsibility of giving back to the community. Sustainability is one of our primary missions. We have proudly partnered with Tree Canada to do our part in protecting the environment and making the world a better place.

For every installation we complete, Wellington Windows and Doors has pledged to plant trees with the help of Tree Canada. This enables us to share our success as a business with those around us.

About 82% of Canadians live in an urban community, which is why trees are so important to maintain. Green spaces provide economic, psychological, and social benefits that can improve a person’s overall well-being and happiness.

Tree Canada has planted over 82 million trees (including 10,000 edible fruit and nut trees) throughout 1,100 communities, schools, and hospitals. These forest restoration efforts help support wildlife habitats, fight climate change, clean soil and waterways, and offset carbon pollution. We believe that this is an inspirational mission worth contributing to, and we are proud to do our part.

Other ways Tree Canada helps
In addition to reforesting, Tree Canada offers several other services for the community. It provides disaster relief through its #OperationReLeaf program to support areas impacted by floods, forest fires, tornadoes, or even beetle invasions. Notable projects include helping replace trees lost because of the mountain pine beetle infestation in Alberta and providing relief after the 2011 tornado in Goderich, Ont.

Tree Canada has also gathered the nation’s largest conglomerate of urban forestry experts to continuously research new avenues of supporting the environment.

Help us give back
We could use your help in supporting Tree Canada. Simply choose us for your next window and door installation. In the meantime, feel free to donate to provide immediate support.