Awning Windows

Replacement awning windows provide great views, while also maximizing fresh airflow. They also offer excellent protection against the elements because of the way they seal against your home.

What are Awning Windows?

Awning replacement windows are different from traditional windows in that they are hinged at the top. This means they open outward from the bottom, swinging up to provide more airflow. You can open the window at a 90-degree angle, creating a perfect awning that protects from light rain or other precipitation.

Operating an awning window is easy. Each window has an interior crank you turn to push the pane upward. When you stop rotating the crank, the window is held in place by a tension device. Open the window just a crack for a light breeze or open it fully to completely refresh the room.

The way an awning window closes also makes it extremely energy efficient. It seals flush against the frame’s weatherstripping, and an interior latch keeps it pulled tight at all times. This feature makes replacement awning windows a great option in homes suffering from heat loss in the winter or cold loss in the summer.

Awning windows are appreciated for their modern, sophisticated vibe. Many homeowners love replacement awning windows because they add an unobstructed view of the backyard, even when closed.

Why choose Awning Windows?

There are several reasons you may choose replacement awning windows in your home:

  • Enjoy fresh air even when it’s raining thanks to the window’s design
  • Experience improved airflow, as the window opens completely without any obstructions
  • Reduce cold loss, heat loss, or water damage thanks to the energy-efficient seal
  • Benefit from unobstructed views of your surroundings thanks to no centre stripping
  • Easy screen cleaning because you can access it from the inside

In addition to these practical benefits, many homeowners love awning replacement windows simply because they’re beautiful. The upward opening is unique and adds flair and character to rooms.

Where should you put a replacement Awning Window?

Since the main benefits of a replacement awning window are extra ventilation and light, many homeowners prefer to put them in the kitchen or bathroom. These windows can brighten up drab spaces, as well as help flush out pungent odors.

Consider installing replacement awning windows above doors, counters, or sinks where you may want to ventilate regularly.

Before deciding on replacement awning windows, however, consider the size of your window. Awning windows work best in spaces where the width is greater than the height.

Choose Awning replacement Windows from Wellington

When you’re ready to upgrade your home, replacement awning windows are an excellent choice. The staff at Wellington Windows and Doors are here to guide you through the entire window replacement process. We offer replacement awning windows and more throughout the Halton Region and surrounding areas. Learn more about how awning windows can boost your energy efficiency, improve ventilation, and even increase the value of your home by contacting us today.